The Davis program is an effective solution

Clients learn mental tools so they can control disorientation. Then they master the causes of it. The result? The confusion, mistakes, frustration, and compulsive tricks drop away. This allows people to overcome their challenges and rejoice in their gifts.

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How a Gift Can Become a Challenge

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  1. Confusion triggers disorientation.
    When dyslexics are confused (or curious) they might mentally look at objects, words, or ideas from many angles. We call this disorientation. Disorientation is part of the natural thinking style of a dyslexic person. This disorientation contributes to creative thinking as well as distraction and distorted perception.

  2. When people are disoriented, they can make mistakes.
    Tina and Joe Went to the Play

Some common mistakes

Dyslexia Mistakes

ADD/ADHD Mistakes

These mistakes might be happening and yet, the person might
still be able to tap into his or her gifts.