The Davis program is an effective solution

Clients learn mental tools so they can control disorientation. Then they master the causes of it. The result? The confusion, mistakes, frustration, and compulsive tricks drop away. This allows people to overcome their challenges and rejoice in their gifts.

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How a Gift Can Become a Challenge

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Many dyslexics are “picture thinkers” who are creative, smart, and talented in such areas as building, designing, strategic planning, inventing, or sports to name just a few abilities. [See Famous Dyslexics.] However, the same thinking style that leads to so many abilities can also create some challenges.


Follow the next six steps to learn how the dyslexic’s talents and way of thinking can also lead to difficulties—difficulties that can be overcome.

  1. People with dyslexia often think more in pictures and feelings than in words.
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  2. When a dyslexic person sees or hears a word that doesn’t create a mental picture it can be confusing.