After meeting with Kim, for the first time in my life, I felt understood.”

—Linda, 45

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Kim began teaching in 1982, acquiring a rich background in a variety of reading, writing, math, and learning disability methods.

In 1999, Kim first read The Gift of Dyslexia by Ronald D. Davis and was instantly intrigued. The book accurately described some clients who had puzzled her over the years. She knew they needed different keys to unlock the treasure chest of learning. Davis® provides those keys. The Davis Program's innovative approach enables people struggling with dyslexia to learn in a productive and enjoyable way.

Kim was trained by Ron Davis in 2001. As a licensed Davis® facilitator, she has helped hundreds of people of all ages turn off the learning struggles and allow their gifts to blossom. Kim has worked with clients in her Evanston office and traveled to help clients throughout the Midwest and in New York, California, Iceland, and other places around the world.

Kim Ainis serves on the Advisory Board of Say Ah!, a nonprofit health literacy organization.

Some of Kim’s career highlights: