Kim Ainis

Kim Ainis has helped hundreds of
adults and children successfully
correct their dyslexia.

As a Davis facilitator, Kim helps
people with dyslexia recognize and
use their unique way of learning
to overcome their struggles with
focusing, ADD/ADHD, reading,
writing, math, coordination, and
other related learning challenges.
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For More Information
Call the Chicago Reading and Dyslexia
Center at (312) 360-0805, or email

Most people with dyslexia have gifts. These gifts can lead to talents in art, sports, designing, strategic planning, business, engineering, music, scientific discovery, building, and storytelling, to name a few.

However, this unique way of seeing and thinking can also create challenges.

Developed by Ronald Davis, the Davis method allows people with dyslexia to overcome their challenges and experience their gifts in a positive way. The Davis method does not focus on the symptoms of dyslexia, but works at a deeper, root level. Although most people associate dyslexia with letter reversals and reading difficulties, dyslexia includes a larger umbrella of related learning difficulties.



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